Giovanni Costantino


He started studying sing and piano, as well as trumpet and percussion, when he was 12. Disciple of Maestro Giuseppe Paliari, (ex director of the Conservatorio "Giuseppe Verdi" in Milan). Later he specializes in Pop and Jazz music. In 1991 worked as musical director and keyboard player for the Tv Show Jammin' on Italia1. In 1994 he plays for TSI (Italian Swiss Tv) in the show Tutti Frutti. In 1995 he plays with the italian singer RON in a charity concert for muscular dystrophy in Milan. In 1996, travels through US, France, Germany e Switzerland looking for new artistic experiences. Soon he begins to play his music in hotels. In 2000, he founds Blunotte Swing Band with some other musicians. Nowadays he works together with many national artists.